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Van keuken tot Compost

Van keuken tot compost.

The solution for

source-separating organic kitchen waste

Increasing recycling

Almost half of the household waste consists of organic refuse and food scraps from the kitchen. When collected separately, this steam represents a valuable resourch. It is for 100% reusable to produce green energy and soil enhancing composts

Lower treatment costs

The costs for treating unseparated household waste for incineration is much higher than the tarif for digestion and post-composting.

The ‘from kitchen to compost’ separation concept

Basket & paper bag

The main focus of the concept is stimulation of source-separation by consumer convenience. Our solution facilitates the logistics from the source organic kitchen waste to the collection bin. This increases adoption of the separation system and ultimately reduces garbage waste.

1. Basket

This is developed to be placed directly on the kitchen counter, close to where the waste is produced. If preferred, it can also be mounted inside the kitchen cabinet. The basket is designed with ample ventilation holes. This improves evaporation and drying of organics. The closing lid is designed with fine slits which prevent fruit flies from entering. The full bag can be transported inside the basket to the collection bin. It is therfore equipped with a special handle. Alternatively the bag is transported directly to the collection bin. This is especially convenient in appartment buildings with collective collection bins.

2. Paper bag

The bags are especially developed for the separation of organic kitchen waste. In Sweden exists over 10 yrs of experience with the bag. Also in Holland, pilots have gained positive results. The paper is compostable and is produced from wood fibers from sustainable origin and with non-toxic glue and ink (see certification). The paper is breathable and absorbes moisture, but doesn’t tear easily when wet. Material dries through easy evaporation which reduced odour production in the basket as well as in the collection bin. The information on the paper bag can be adjusted to cosumers preferences.



  1. easy and convenient to use, fexibility in application (appartment flat or regular house)
  2. Clear user instructions on the bag. This reduces the chance on contamination of organics with non-organics like plastics.
  3. The bag doesn’t leak or produce odours. The design of the basket stimulate evaporation.
  4. The bag itself can be used to provide information e.g. about proper use of the system.
  5. The paper bag absorbs a lot of moisture but stays rigid.
  6. The bag is produced from sustainably grown wood fibres and specially non-toxic glue and ink.
  7. The bag is certified based on the seedling-logo for compostable products (see certificate).

More information

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Overview products

Paper bag // Basket // hinge // screws (suspension system)

User instructions

First use

Install the basket in an easy reachable place from the kitchen counter
Place the paper bag inside the basked
Collect your organic kitchen waste according to the instructions on the paper bag. Poor liquids first in the kitchen sink.

After some days of use

Close the bag by wrapping the top
Remove the bag from the basket.
Be extra careful when the bottom is very moist as this will increase the risk of tearing. If necessary support the bottom during transport.<
Drop the bag in the collection bin.
The bag is designed only for indoor usage.
Place a new bag in the basket

The printing of the bags can be adjusted. For example, we can place your organization logo.

Advice & accompaniment

We have a lot of experience in introducing the ‘from kitchen to compost’ -concept in pilot-tests in Duch municipalities (Assen, Eindhoven, Regio Noord Veluwe, Cure, Circulus).

We can also provide assistence in identifying the most effective ways of collection, the most sustainable treatment and the puplic tendering treatment of kitchen waste.

Advies en begeleiding Keukenafval

Digestion of source-separated kitchen waste for the production of green gas at the treatment facilty of Meerlanden (Rijsenhout, NL)

Information, advice & accompaniment

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Jouke Elsinga

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Prices and ordering for individuals

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Van keuken tot Compost